Stop In the Name of Love: Black On Black Violence in the Black Lives Matter Era

Dr. Randy Lancaster Short, M.Div., M.A., M. Phil., Ph.D.

Approximately one year ago, Minneapolis Police publicly lynched George Floyd in front of an outspoken and multi-racial crowd of onlookers. The cellular phone video taken by one of the onlookers went viral and shocked the entire world, and sparked violent and non-violent mass demonstrations across the United States—inclusive of cities and towns which had not hitherto been centers of racial conflict. Demonstrators against police institutional racism, police brutality and racist police impunity demanded that the police departments across America be defunded. In the year that followed the murder of George Floyd and the demand for the divestment by cities of taxes historically allocated to law enforcement, this writer has observed a sharp increase in Black on Black murder, rape, aggravated assault and battery, theft, suicide, murder-suicides, and other crimes that demonstrate that the problems of Black Americans cannot and do not rest solely on the shoulders of racist police departments and bigoted law enforcement officers. Arguably, the most tragic crimes are those wherein the killers are Black men killing Black women or vice versa or aforesaid butchering Black children. The daily deadly roll call of Black auto-genocide—albeit ignored by the Mainstream Media and Sellout Black Media—shames us as a collective and it must cease. The lyrics of the Holland-Dozier-Holland Rhythm and Blues Motown classic “Stop in the Name of Love” sung by of the storied Queens of Motown the Supremes pretty much sums up what must happen pretty damn quick—before another generation internalizes the trauma and continues the downward spiral of our race.

I cannot stand the grifter-deviant collective the infamous so-called Black Lives Matter Movement because it is void and depleted of genuine love, ethics, spirituality, morality, values, commonsense, introspection, and common decency. It isn’t just that they are a gaggle of debauched Luciferian lesbians and gender insanity who pimp the deaths of Black men to unjustly enrich themselves and instigate white hatred against Blacks, nor their lack of a genuine program to lift Blacks out of the morass of anomie and poverty and police criminality, but, because, they are deliberately rolling the Trojan Horse of the Marxist revolutionary holocaust into our communities and accelerating the likelihood of more Black lives being snuffed out. Had these Soros-funded Negro Wiccans cared one iota about Black Lives they would use their ill-gotten funds to bring attention to the horrific death toll in Black communities across America. However, they follow Saul Alinsky, and the method of the Marxist is to allow conditions to become so terrible that poor Black Americans will be so desperate that they will be yoked into becoming cannon fodder for the racist white supremacists on the Left, thus, BLM thrives on Black death and misery not unlike the gang-bangers, dope peddlers, traitor Coon Feminists, fake Black Elected Officials, abortionists, morticians, “killer-cop-Powerball-attorneys, and sundry race pimp barkers.

On February 8, 2021, Mary Wilson, a founding member of the Supremes, died at the age of 7—ironically fifty-six years to the date that she along with Diana Ross, Florence Ballard, and the Funk Brothers cut the song “Stop in the Name of Love”. Aside from being a classic song, it embodied a happier time when Black people—although living with American Apartheid—loved each other more than we do today. The Supremes did a lot culturally to lift up Black people in many ways that Black Lives Matter never has and never will. First, the Supremes were feminine, pro-Black male, mature, beautiful, classy, moral, refined, and sartorial masters and trendsetters in fashion. In a way, these three women from the projects united Black men and women. First, they gave women of their generation a look, a voice, and an optimism about being a Black woman and a sense of being beautiful and having poise. Second, they modeled the beauty, style, vulnerability of Black women, and this demonstrated in real-time to Black men that Black women were worthy of being desired, admired, and protected. This writer believes much of the rapine violence and hatred in Black America has much to do with the destruction of the quintessential fabric of Black masculinity and Black femininity. The systematic elimination of the Black family by the immoral Boule, mammonized Nigger preachers, castrating Pork Chop Feminists, spineless, carnal, bombed-out simp Black male culture, and the legions of demonic supremacists is linked to most of the pain, suffering, and chaos we see.

Black men and Black women must fess up that we have not to Stop In the Name of Love the destruction of our race, and it is high time that we act herewith to arrest the total downward spiral of our race. We must cry aloud and spare anyone, not on code. Black people have to be the greatest liars and self-deceivers to think that their demand for reparations will not be challenged by our lawless behavior towards one another. No race of men respects simps in another race who think their genital size is a major accomplishment and that fail to defend their women and children to despicable predatory scum within and without their ethnic group, and men with nothing to stake their lives for are not men. Men who tolerate bastardy, eugenics, sodomite subversives, and Jezebelesque insubordination demonstrate that they cannot even command their own communities. It is jackass stupid for Black men to seriously think they can convince a mobilized and hostile majority to acquiescence to the demands of those who cannot enforce discipline and order in their own race. No race of women respects whorish, spend-thrift, disloyal, masculine, and maternally inferior females who prefer to kill their children, or game the courts in child-support fraud schemes for bastards whom they themselves have no clue who the real fathers are than Hunter Biden can recall how many crack rocks he’s smoked. One-half of the collective failure of Black people rests with Black women who hold the world record in being the most ignorant and easily manipulated by males and females of other races trying to bring their men down. We must stop in the name of law and end the violence and our internalized self-genocide or damned as the most pathetic people in history. Forgiveness and reconciliation sought with others have no intrinsic worth if we slaughter each other or passively expect those that hate our guts to enforce a U.N. peacekeeper’s mission in our communities Bec cause we lack the moral testicular resolve and ruthless resolve to crush our trash and stare down those that think we will live like the colored drudges of yesteryear.

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