The Black woman, Farrakhan remarked, holds the secret of God and civilization. He explained his premise: “The woman had to be put under the control of the man. The freedom that she had to walk beside the man in building worlds was or had to be protected. Everything you see in the world was built by the original people: the Black man and the Black woman. God created you from a single being and spread from these two many men and women. He created you, not from a rib, but from a single being. God created man from one of a kind. In the nature of that being is the fundamental essence of what a man is: It’s the creation of woman. As man is created from God’s image, the original Black woman is created in the image of God and man. A Black woman is the second self of God.”

he Sphinx of the Egypt, the first wonder of the world, Farrakhan noted, reminds the world that Black people are the original builders of the world. “You are not a johnny-come-lately,” he remarked. “You are the original builders of every great civilization. It started from you.

“The Black woman is the first woman on the Earth, and no one knows how she got here or how old he is. No one was there to record the beginning of the Black woman because she came out of God. Sh’s a co-creator with God. Everything that is created in the world the Black woman had a hand in creating.”

He continued, “Within the Black woman is the secret to God and civilization. If the Black man looks deep within himself, he will find a Black woman.”